What makes someone your friend? Is it true that you aren’t really friends until you are friends on facebook? I was recently asked how I would describe a friend, and realized the answer wasn’t as clear cut as I would have thought. In fact, when I asked this question to other mommies, they too struggled to find the response. Now, I am not an expert on social media, (I have two friends that I would call experts, Laura Gainor and Esther Crawford, who you should checkout if you want to learn more about social media) nor am I an expert in relationships(although I did study them in my undergraduate degree program), I am just your average bear, realizing how social media has changed everything!

Sites like www.facebook.com and www.meetup.com are changing the world, one click at a time. I didn’t realize until I moved this past year to a new state, exactly how it changed my life. On top of that, it wasn’t until I started blogging that I discovered just how many people use sites like these to connect with people.

Moving to a new state is hard, even harder when you are moving to a large, fast-paced city where people don’t care about getting to know you, but instead, what you can do for them. Welcome to LA folks! After realizing people here don’t really talk to strangers, I discovered meetup.com. A website designed to get and keep people connected. Luckily for me, I am a stay-at-home-mom and there are lots of other mommies in the area looking to meet like minded people with babies.

Currently I am a member of 4 online mommy meetup.com groups that offer activities every day of the week. I went from having nothing to do, to being busier then I was in Milwaukee, and I lived there for 10 years! After joining my first group, I was overwhelmed with the amount of emails and invites coming in. My family and friends in WI asked if I was nervous going to my first event with strangers, and honestly, I was. There are a lot of scary people out there, but I also know that there are a lot of really great people and hoped that I ran into more of the later.

Meetup Friends

So what do we do during our meetups? The kids play, while the moms visit and enjoy adult conversation. Claire and I have met some amazing people and are starting to develop great friendships because of this site. Truly, I think I would be lost in LA without it. But what was even more amazing to me was the traffic I started to see on facebook. These moms I was meeting and developing relationships with, looked me up and asked me to be their friend on facebook, some after only one face-to-face meeting. So then I had to decide what it meant to be a friend of mine on facebook.

I have used facebook as a way to stay connected with my friends and family over the past few years because it was a quick and easy way to keep in contact with everyone. Now, I realize facebook is a way for people to get to know me (and my family) before spending much time with us. Furthermore, now that I am blogging, it provides yet more insight into who I am. (Which, in all honesty, is a little scary and why it has been so long since my last post.) Gone are the days of making a good  face-to-face first impression! Many people we are meeting here in LA are getting to know us online first! Its crazy for me to wrap my head around, but I am learning as we go.

My Family

I love the tools we have to meet new people, but I think it’s necessary to remember that privacy is also important. You need to have something new to tell people when you are out and about…right!? I had lunch with someone I hadn’t seen in a few weeks and after most everything I said, she responded, yeah I saw that on facebook.

I was shocked and found the experience eye-opening. It made me wonder if I was putting too much of my personal information online? Something I am still working to decide.

My facebook status on Wednesday morning read, “She made it! last night her flight came in early, her luggage was destroyed and JetBlue replaced it on the spot! So for $41.40 my mom flew here, had the best service on a plane she has had in years, scored free luggage and had a smiling baby ready for her arrival! Getting ready to enjoy the day!”

Who: jetBlue

What: incredible prices & great customer service

When: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How: ticket purchased on Monday, May 10, 2010 online

Why: ticket Price$18.60 (fare) + 22.80 (fees) = $41.40 (amazing deal!)

Too good to be true, that’s what we thought. In fact, when my mom was dropped off by a friend at the Buffalo, NY airport Tuesday afternoon, he stayed to ensure the airline would really let her on the plane with the ticket she purchased. Guess what, they did! Even better, she had a real seat (not in the cargo area like many had joked it would be), with ample leg room, a personal tv in which she caught up on Dr. Oz, HGTV, History Channel, Weather & News, drinks and snacks all flight long, and friendly service by the crew.

Her flight arrived early, and most importantly, she arrived with a smile on her face, well until she came face-to-face with the scrap metal and fabric that once resembled her luggage. So what happened next is what really impressed me. We walked to the baggage claim office for jetBlue where a friendly staff member first offered to have the luggage repaired. However, after a better examination of the luggage, decided to replace the suitcase on the spot! The jetBlue crew member apologized for the inconvenience this caused, and we walked away feeling good about our loss.

If I were a customer service site and could rate customer service by stars, I would give it a million.

Proof of amazing deal

sick baby

There is nothing worse then a sick baby. This morning at 1:00 am, I awoke to a sound that I hoped was coming from the dog and not my sweet baby. I stumbled into her room, half asleep, my eyes still adjusting to the dark by the time I reached her crib. There sat Claire, dry heaving and looking at me with eyes that said, “mom, what is happening to me?” I scooped her up in my arms, started rocking her and the puke fest began. Poor Claire proceeded to puke through the morning, unable to keep anything down.

At 7:45 am, I throw together an outfit more appropriate then pjs, ran my fingers through my hair and I headed to the local CVS for pedialyte, mini-snickers and mini-twix. The gear necessary for a day that starts out like this one. Had I known, this would be my outfit for the day, I may have put a little more effort into it.

After giving Claire .625 ml of pedialyte it was clear that she wasn’t going to keep anything down. A quick phone call to Dr. Friend, our favorite Burbank pediatrician,  resulted in an emergency doctor visit for Claire.  After belly, ears, chest check, it’s confirmed, Claire has a stomach virus.

Up until this point, I have been holding it together, getting puked on and managing somehow not to get sick, but after a 1 hour visit to CVS in which Claire was puking all over the store, I was told I didn’t have insurance (of course I do!), and they made me pay full price for the prescription, I am ready to go home. Thankfully, the medication seems to be doing the trick and Claire is starting to feel better. She is holding down liquids for the first time in 14 hours.

I think the hardest part of seeing Claire sick, is knowing how full of life and energy she normally is. Today, Claire is sluggish, snuggly and quiet. Her limbs are like little limp noodles, and she doesn’t have the strength to move her body and get comfortable. So, for her sick day, I put her in her Pottery Barn Kids chair, with her favorite blanket, bunny and Bitty baby to enjoy her first showing of Beauty & The Beast, which successfully distracted her, allowing her to fall asleep 15 minutes into the movie.

I have decided that after today, I will exclusively go to the Olive Avenue Pharmacy, 1130 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91506. Sometimes a small pharmacy that provides personal care and concern for their patients is exactly what you need. I HATE feeling like a number at CVS. I highly recommend this pharmacy, the care and customer service is amazing!

Here are a few pictures from today…poor baby!

What an absolute joy this little 2 year old was to photograph! He was so energetic and simply loved running around. His mom, Bianca and dad, Kai are friends of mine from college. It was great to be able to spend the day shooting them!

Having a baby changes you, no matter what people tell you. Once you have a baby, you change. There is a switch inside of you that goes off and suddenly you fly full speed into protective, caring, worrying, over-thinking, under-sleeping, loving, nurturing mommy extraordinaire. Its surprising that with all the change, you adapt, you find yourself (perhaps even redefine yourself), and find strength you didn’t know you had.

When you have a baby, you find a new found love and adoration for your mother, your spouse’s mother and well, any other mother you cross. It is because you now have been initiated into this one-of-a-kind sisterhood called motherhood. For me, motherhood is like an open-road. Sure there are bound to be bumps, hell even potholes, maybe even flat tires, but it’s the little things that keep you going everyday.

Here are a few of my favorite little things…from my sweet, sweet baby!

  • mmmmmmwwwwahhhhh, followed by kiss blowing
  • gummy smiles
  • sweet baby hugs
  • new tooth smiles
  • giggles and belly laughs
  • first step
  • high fives
  • signing “more” (for songs, reading and eating)
  • bath time
  • snuggling
  • new adventures and accomplishments
  • first words (mama and dadda)

hello world!

For months, I have been talking about, researching, and reading blogs. I was trying to figure out how to create a blog that people would want to read, maybe even follow. Then I realized I was taking this way to seriously, or maybe I was procrastinating; after-all, chasing a 1-year old around can be exhausting. Tonight, or should I say this morning at 2:20 am pt, it hit me. I need to simply jump in head first and see where this takes me.

So world, here I am, ready for your comments, ready for your love, possibly even hate, but ready to share my story with you. You may not agree with everything I write, but I do hope you enjoy it and laugh a lot along the way. Until the next episode, which I promise will be soon….